jameschoI believe people think and behave based on what they know and have learned which shapes their own minds and can ultimately impact our society as a whole.

Per that idea, I believe that having a formal education is the foundational building block and a key element in the development of socially responsible citizens. We all understand and know the importance of education but there are times in life where that goal seems unattainable due to economic hardships or misfortune and one can begin to lose hope. I have personally witnessed on numerous occasions how that can happen and have even seen people give up hope completely.

Our foundation is built on the premise of instilling that hope and encouragement by saying “Opportunity will open to those who seek it!” and that “There are friends who applaud you with a warm heart for your determination to succeed”

We want to simply give that opportunity to those who seek a better education for themselves and for their families. My only hope is that those we have helped choose to help others like them in the future by volunteering towards this cause. On that note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers for their countless hours of generosity!

Finally, hope will no doubt, create more hope. A true founding principal of our foundation’s motto is to “Deliver Hope!”

Truly yours,

James Cho